Shipping FAQs

Why has my order tracking status not updated?
Generally speaking, the total shipping cost will depend on the following factors:
The shipment method you choose (we Super savings and Express shipping options);
The destination country that the package ships to;
The number of items you order, as well as the total weight and volume (size) of the package.
Our advice is to log in to your account, add the items to your cart and then view the shipping fee which will be automatically calculated and displayed.

How long I can receive my order?
Please note the total time = processing time + shipping time (this does not include any customs delays, weekends, holiday periods and any unforeseen circumstances.)
Our shipping center processes orders Monday-Sunday. We offer various shipping options: Super savings, Express shipping.
Super savings (10-20 days): Your order will deliver to you in 10-30 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date it was shipped. You will see your package no later than the 30th business day.
Express shipping (3 - 8 days): Shipping time varies from different regions. Your order will deliver to you in 3-8 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). You will see your package no later than the 15th business day.
You will receive an e-mail stating that your order has shipped.
Note: Non-business days are Saturday, Sunday and local holidays in destination country/region.

How do I track my order?
A. Please enter the "Track Order" page, enter your order logistics tracking number, and click query to display the logistics information.
B. To track your order, please go to, enter your tracking number and you will be able to track your order.

Why haven’t I received my order?
A. Your order has not been shipped. We recommend you check the status of the order in your Account. Go to: View orders --My orders.
B. Your order is in transit, and it is within the estimated delivery time, please wait, in most cases orders will arrive within the estimated time. If your order has not arrived and it is taking longer than the estimated delivery time, please contact us.
C. Your order may have been returned for the following reasons:
-The courier attempted to deliver to you but could not find you to sign for the delivery.
-The shipping address is incorrect or incomplete.
-The package was rejected during customs clearance.
D. The item is lost in transit.

I did not receive my order, why is the tracking status showing as delivered?
Possible reasons include:
A. The delivery address is incorrect .
B. Someone else has signed for the parcel.
C. The parcel has arrived at your local post office and will be delivered in 1-2 business days.
D. The parcel has been delivered and left in your mailbox.
If the shipping address is incorrect, please contact us.
If the shipping address is correct, we recommend you check your Mailbox and look around your property to be sure it has not been left outside. If you can not find the package, please contact us.

What do you mean Not Found ?
Reasons & suggestion
A. The shipping methods you selected is flat shipping ,which has no tracking number, so the logistics information can not be tracked. The delivery time of flat shipping is 7-15 business days after being sent out. If it is still within estimated delivery time, please wait for a few more days.
B. Your order has just shipped out and shipping information will be updated in the coming days , we recommend you can track logistics information in next 5 days .
C. If it still shows that the logistics information is Not Found , please contact our after-sale customer service team and provide them with order number & the problem .

Why does my order not have a tracking number?
A. Your order has not been sent yet, it is in preparation. Generally, the package will arrive within 10-20 days, please wait patiently.
B. Due to technical problems in the background, the logistics order number was not successfully issued at the time of delivery, please contact us to obtain the logistics order number.
C. Your mailbox regards the mail of the website as spam, please check your spam.

Why the logistics information has displayed returned or undelivered?
1.If you find that the tracking result information indicates that your parcel is under "Alert"or Undelivered"status, it means your item might undergo unusual shipping conditions.
This may be due to several reasons: refusal by the recipient, absence of the recipient, expiry of collection deadline, customs issues/or item loss, damage, etc.
2.Advice : Please contact us and provide our after --sale customer service team with the order number and the problem.