Track Order

Tracking status description
Pending: Your goods have been packaged and the shipping information has been sent to the carrier. It may take 3 - 7 working days for the carrier to update the status of your order. At the same time, your order is actual on the way. Note: If you find that the pending status of the tracking information has exceeded 10 days, please contact us. We will give you an appropriate answer.
In transit: The carrier has accepted or picked up the goods from us. The goods are in transit.
Out for Delivery: The carrier is about to deliver the goods, or is ready to pick up the goods.
Exceptions: custom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to sender or any shipping exception. Please contact your local post office and provide them with the tracking number for further instructions.
Attempt failed: The carrier attempts to deliver but fails, usually a notification will be issued and will try to deliver again. Please use the tracking number to contact the local post office to arrange delivery time or pickup.